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Why pay a large monthly fee for many of the custom Real Estate template systems when you can have a high tech universal website developed in WordPress with all the Real Estate tools you could possibly need?
Many companies are charging hundreds of dollars for setup and then a high monthly fee indefinitely for a website that has limited functionality, you don’t actually own and you are definitely paying too much for.

Some Realtors® are paying as much as $100 per month for their website and hosting because it is part of some Real Estate content management system.
This ends up costing the Realtor® or Brokerage $1,200 per year, every year for as long as they stay with that service. Add in what they paid for setup which in many cases was another $1,000 or more. In the end after three or more years they have paid at least $5,000 and growing each year for a website they could have owned out right, built in WordPress for them from as low as $2,000+tx. And only pay $20 month going forward for the hosting, email, statistics tools plus we will include your annual DDF® licence of $150 for free. Don’t understand why that is a great deal compared to cheap DDF® one time plugins? Click here to read more about our DDF® and why it is very different

OK so you like your existing website even though it is in one of those content management website services that you pay way too much for and you don’t want to lose what you paid for already. No problem, we will convert that existing website to a WordPress website for you, also starting from only $1,500 and only $20/mth hosting which includes your own cPanel and our DDF® plugin.

Either way, no matter what you are after, even if you are not totally sure, call us or email us to start a conversation and we will help clarify it for you. If we don’t get your business but help you undertand more that’s ok and if you let us handle developing your online identity that you own, even better!

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