What’s different about our DDF®?

Many of the DDF® plugins are simply a WordPress plugin so from there you cannot install them on any other type of website.

In addition, many of them connect directly from your website to the CREA server and download ALL of the data to your website. You have to house all of the data so if you do not have space to accommodate over 200gb of data and the server you have paid to use does not have the resources, showing all MLS® listings in Canada is going to be almost impossible for you without paying a lot more for your web hosting.

Our DDF® feed runs from OUR server. In other words our backend software reaches out two times per day to the CREA server and updates all the listing data and updates on our server. From there we install the front end on your website regardless of the type of website you have and it connects back to our server. You have a search screen that offers more fields to search than even the Realtor.ca website has. We have included fields such as “address” so if the visitor types in part or all of the address our plugin will show all MLS® listings associated to it. We have added find MLS® field as well.

One of the main benefits for your Real Estate website is that we have added fields to search “Agent Id” and “Office Id”. When you enter your ID it pulls all of your listings up. This can be used to create a link on your website called “My Listings” and for the Brokerage websites “Our Listings” by inserting the office code in that field.

Try searches below to see how it works. Try the “Share this search” by coping that URL from the box and pasting it into another window. It brings up that search inside of our theme. When embedded inside of your website we can use that URL in your menu to provide “Your City Homes”, “Your City Condo’s”, “Your City Waterfront”, “Your City Businesses For Sale” ….it is unlimited what you can have in your own menu for visitors to quickly find all of the MLS® listings associated to that particular focus making you a complete expert online for what they are after.

Notice the contact form beside the results asking for them to provide contact information regarding that listing. Also note that listing is your competitors listing and now you are about to get an email inquiry about it.

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